Work it Out

Fitness is a multi-faceted goal that can include aspects like good nutrition and proper exercise, as well as attention to emotional health. Work it Out extends to all of these areas, educating readers about best practices in self-care, including advice on workouts, diets and practices to get both your mind and body in shape. Written by a team of experts at 12th Street Gym, Work it Out is a practical guide to staying both fit and fabulous. For more information, visit

Recently I found myself thinking about disappointment and how we go about handling it after learning of two separate mental-health professionals who specialize in working with the queer and trans* communities having been implicated in unethical, violating behavior toward their clients.

Whether or not you personally celebrate any of the winter holidays, the cultural explosion that is the “holiday season” is nearly impossible to miss, and it starts early.

Are you trying to lose weight or start new healthy eating habits? Eating healthy and keeping your nutrition on track at home can be the easy part, but things can get tricky when you go out to eat.

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