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I have never fielded more phone calls, emails and Facebook messages than since the passage of marriage equality as I did this week. That’s because everyone in the LGBT community is concerned about the state of their rights. For those wondering how actively President-elect Donald J. Trump wants to roll back LGBT rights, this is the first in a series of columns outlining the possible ramifications of his administration on the progress we’ve made.


Philadelphia is fortunate to be home to many agencies that provide holistic care aiming to meet the distinct needs of people living with HIV. These providers understand that comprehensive treatment means more than simply offering medical care, but also looking at the overall circumstances of a person’s life. Imagine if this comprehensive and patient-informed care model could be used not just to treat HIV, but to prevent HIV transmission completely.

The LGBT community loves to travel in fall.

You can usually find terrific travel deals coming off the summer high season, and then there is Halloween! Of course, our community loves to dress up and party. There are iconic Halloween events close to home and around the country for Halloween fans, voyeurs and devotees.

Every handful of years we run a survey in the paper and online to learn about the readership. The vital part, IMHO, is finding out what people who regularly read PGN really dig into the paper to read. And by regular, I mean you read something online or in print more weeks than you don’t. These are the readers who have found their reasons for being a regular fan and what they’re reading is critical for us to know.

Q: My spouse and I believe we need to start to plan for retirement. We’re still “young” from a retirement standpoint (early 50s), but we want to make sure we’re planning ahead. Can you please offer us some thoughts to help us get started?

As a country, we are facing a resurgence of overt racism (and sexism among other things, but these are topics for other articles). Racism has never not existed within our nation; however, the latent racism within many Americans came to life with the election of an African-American man to run our country. Eight years later, the racism that has risen to and stayed at the forefront of so many Americans’ psyches has allowed for our current state of affairs. The Republican candidate for president — who, by the way, I will refer to as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in an effort to spare you from seeing that name any more than necessary — is our racist response to Barack Obama. We have allowed a blatant racist, sexist, xenophobic man to get this close to the most powerful office in the world because we are a racist country that couldn’t fully tolerate a black president. In turn, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is getting closer, with each and every speech and tweet, to normalizing racism in America.

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