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The early months of the year, when people still haven’t quite given up their resolutions, can be challenging at the gym. Similarly, trying to go directly after work when everyone else is going can also be tricky. There are people everywhere and most of the equipment you may wish to use is occupied.

People and families come in many forms, as any LGBTQ person can attest. Now, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) is using that concept to improve upon its already LGBTQ-inclusive employee benefits. The FORTUNE 100 company, which has approximately 7,500 employees around the country (and more than 130,000 life insurance policy-owners in Pennsylvania), is rolling out new benefits around leave, gender affirmation, family creation and more that empower all employees and demonstrate a deep understanding of LGBTQ people’s lives.

    When Ashlee and I moved out of our first apartment into our first house three years ago, we were overjoyed that we finally had a kitchen we could cook in, let alone turn around in. Our first night in the house, our moving crew of friends deemed the kitchen the perpetual hangout spot in our house, christening it with a rousing beer-pong game. From date nights to holiday dinners to raucous parties, our kitchen has seen it all.

When the U.S. Supreme Court passed marriage equality in 2015, LGBTQ citizens and their allies rejoiced. But it did not mean full equality in the eyes of the law. There are still questions surrounding LGBTQ civil rights, particularly around children. These questions most often arise when LGBTQ couples with children dissolve their relationship or marriage and the court must make custody determinations.

Q: A friend of ours had his identity stolen when he clicked on a link in an email he thought was from his bank, but wasn’t. How can we be more careful to be sure we’re not putting our own information at risk?

A: Identity theft affects millions of Americans each year. And while it’s nearly impossible to protect all of your information all of the time, this article can help you learn the risks, and give you some ideas on how you can better protect your sensitive data from cybercriminals.

For the last couple of years, I spent a lot of time warning of the dangers to come. Now, I no longer have to. Because, you see, the danger is here.

The Supreme Court of the United States took an unusual action recently, in a 5-4 decision to let the Trump Administration ban transgender members from the military, even as lower courts are still hearing arguments. This could well mean thousands of transgender people may be discharged.

Perhaps George Bernard Shaw was right when he said, “I can remember quite well the joy I felt when my family was happy.” But, what is a family, and why does the concept seem so out of grasp for me, and many others?

It is often thought older adults have little knowledge of, or interest, in technology and the internet. In a generation that did not grow up with smartphones or computers, many elders express some hesitation about relying on technology. Yet, as the baby-boom generation ages, an increasing number of older adults are actively utilizing technology to reduce isolation, manage health conditions and connect with vital information.

A new year may motivate many of us to ponder new endeavors. For some, this may mean taking the first steps toward parenthood — so I wanted to revisit some of the tips I found most useful as my spouse and I began our own journey. This is not a guide on how to create a family (there are too many options to explore in a column of this length), but rather some suggestions on what you may want to do first in order to start weighing those options.

We’re three weeks into a new year, which means many are struggling to fulfill their pledges of eating healthier, working out and being more philanthropic. I’ve never been one for making a New Year’s resolution but, as I head further on this journey of raising a child, having some parameters in ink seems like the perfect way to get my parenting priorities in order.

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