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The Ohio River is a key component to not only current livability, but it was crucial to the establishment of Louisville. The city was founded by George Rogers Clark, fellow explorer of Meriwether Lewis and, in fact, Clark is buried in Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville (as is Colonel Harland Sanders).

According to Orbitz, Louisville, Ky., is one of the top-five hottest LGBT travel destinations in the world this year. The reasons and many and worthy, but they might not all be the ones you think of first.

(There’s never enough time on a first visit to a city to see everything. One place we sadly decided to wait for a second-trip visit is the Muhammad Ali Center ( We had just been back one week when The Greatest passed on to the next level. Champ, we will return and honor you properly soon.)

I wrote this column just before the shooting in Orlando. To rewrite it before my deadline would be to find words for something I do not yet have words for. I hope that my reflections on Pride nevertheless help give us strength as a community during one of our most difficult times.

For the past four years, the delivery of aging services in Pennsylvania has been guided by a strategic-planning document published by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging in 2012. The 2012-16 State Plan on Aging, completed under the Corbett administration, laid out the goals, objectives and strategies for helping older Pennsylvanians access care, navigate services and age healthfully.

When our editor asked me to write something for this week’s paper on the tragedy in Orlando, I was immediately struck by the anxiety of trying to decide the absolute right things to say. Like so many others, I felt compelled to express my immense feelings of grief and sadness but, because my hope is to offer valuable information, I quickly moved beyond that idea to a whole slew of topics, all of which were seemingly equal in value to the next one. I asked myself, What are the perfect words to say in the aftermath of the untimely deaths of 49, mostly young, LGBT people?

Last year was the first Philly Pride where we were able to celebrate national marriage equality. And it was a really great Pride: triumphant and joyous. This year, as we find ourselves in the midst of Pride week, we are living in a country where conservatives have been and continue to launch bill after bill aimed at tearing away the progress made toward LGBT equality.

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