Mazzoni Center CEO will not resign, despite protests

Mazzoni Center CEO will not resign, despite protests

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The CEO of an LGBT health and wellness center will not resign from her post, despite calls for her departure from employees.

Mazzoni Center staff members staged a walkout Thursday requesting for Mazzoni CEO Nurit Shein to resign. More than 60 Mazzoni staff members walked out following a racial bias training, which the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations mandated. The walkout occurred as a result of former Medical Director Dr. Robert Winn’s resignation last week. Winn was at the center of allegations regarding sexual impropriety with patients.

A Mazzoni Center staff member told PGN the walkout occurred because Shein allegedly knew about the allegations made against Winn.

"There are no plans for Nurit to resign as a result of the walk out," Mazzoni Center Senior Communications Manager Elisabeth Flynn told PGN in an email.

Flynn said she could not comment on the nature of the investigation but noted that Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC is investigating the case.

Mazzoni’s board of directors issued a letter to the press “to discuss and address recent inaccuracies and accusations, from both anonymous and named sources, that have been perpetuated and highlighted in the press.”

The statement read that state law prohibited the Board from sharing full details but that “prior allegations were fully investigated” and they “were taken seriously.”

“Toward that end, we would remind all Mazzoni staff of the multiple meetings Nurit Shein and senior management have held with staff collectively and in small groups,” the statement read. “Additionally, we continue to listen to concerns from all staff regarding any personnel issues. A Task Force for employee concerns was constituted in February and has had multiple individual and group meetings to present the concerns of diversity and inclusion in personnel and promotion policies and help resolve them.”

"The board plans to meet with all members of staff in a series of small group meetings that will take place over the next several days," Flynn added.


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