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They call it The Hillary Effect.

For two years since Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million and lost the election by 77 electoral votes, she has been telling women to run for office — and they have, in record numbers, in the hundreds, spurred in part by her loss as well as Donald Trump’s ascension to the presidency.

In Pennsylvania, there has not been a woman representative in Congress since 2015, when Allyson Schwartz left her seat in the 13th District to run for governor. Prior to Schwartz, there had only been seven women in the U.S. Congress from Pennsylvania — ever. Now, there are eight on the ballot.

Pennsylvania Sen. Larry Farnese (D-Philadelphia) last week vowed to reintroduce a bill that would ban LGBT-panic defenses in criminal cases across the state after acknowledging that a vote on the bill isn’t expected before the end of the current legislative session.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court last week ruled against a lesbian who sought shared custody of a child born to her former same-sex partner.

In the case of C.G. v. J.H., the high court held that C.G. failed to establish that she intended to be the child’s parent, despite C.G.’s insistence that she had such an intent.

Call it Anita Hill 2.0. Or, if you’re the Wall Street Journal, "The #MeToo Ambush of Kavanaugh," as the editorial board deemed it in a smugly dismissive editorial Sept. 18. 

Regardless, the accusation by Stanford professor Dr. Christine Blasey Ford that U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had attempted to rape her when the two were in high school has upended the confirmation process.

 As Philadelphia police investigate the city’s most recent killing of a transgender woman, the nearly 16-year-old unsolved homicide of Nizah Morris could come down to 16 minutes.

That’s how long Officer Elizabeth Skala estimated she was with Morris during the police courtesy-ride incident that preceded Morris’ fatal head wound on a Center City street corner in December 2002. If Skala’s estimate is accurate, it places the officer with Morris when she suffered the injury that ultimately led to her death.

As Mazzoni Center leadership deals with the fallout of firing its first director of diversity and inclusion, more than a half-dozen employees say the internal crisis is harming morale and their ability to serve the community.

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