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Days after opening its first U.K. restaurant, Chick-fil-A announces it will close

Chick-fil-A opened the doors of its first United Kingdom restaurant Oct. 10, marking the popular but controversial chicken chain’s second location outside the United States as it seeks to expand internationally. Nine days later, the company announced that it will close the location within six months.

Polish election: Leader says gay rights are a threat to society

LGBT+ rights have become the single most significant cultural issue in Poland’s election campaign ahead of the vote Oct. 6.

French conservatives protest bill allowing IVF for lesbians

Conservative activists are gathering in Paris to protest a French bill that would give lesbian couples and single women access to in vitro fertilization and related procedures.

Brazil prosecutor orders indictments in Rio gay councilwoman murder case

Brazil’s top public prosecutor ordered five people indicted over sabotaging efforts surrounding an investigation into the assassination of a Rio de Janeiro city councilwoman on Sept. 17.

In comments to reporters on her last day in office, Brazil’s Prosecutor General Raquel Dodge said she would charge two court officials, two police officers and a lawyer with obstructing

Serbian police intervene to protect gay pride parade

Police in Serbia briefly clashed with far-right supporters who tried to prevent a gay pride parade attended by the country’s openly gay prime minister on September 15.

Second French game in three days halted after homophobic banners

A second French league game in three days was interrupted due to banners deemed homophobic as Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) beat Metz 2-0 Aug. 30.

Berlin memorial to gay victims of Nazis vandalized

Berlin police say a central memorial to the gay victims of the Nazis has been vandalized.

The concrete memorial in Berlin’s Tiergarten Park, near the memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, features a window into which visitors can look and view a video of a same-sex couple kissing.

Police said Aug. 19 security guards reported overnight the window had been painted over.

Police currently have no suspects and wouldn’t say whether there was surveillance video of the crime.

Nazi Germany declared homosexuality an aberration that threatened the German race and sent thousands of gays to concentration camps.

New school transgender rules fire debate in Portugal

New rules on gender identity at schools are causing a stir in Portugal, where some parents are expressing alarm that transgender children will be able to choose which bathroom they use.

A directive says transgender children can make choices that correspond with their gender identity, including choosing a bathroom, wearing girls’ or boys’ school uniforms and using whichever name they choose. They can only officially change their gender at 16.

The directive sets out administrative procedures stemming from a law passed by parliament last year that seeks to guard against the discrimination of transgender people.

But an online petition is trying to put the brakes on the school directive and opposition politicians are questioning its wisdom. Some disapproving lawmakers want the Constitutional Court to intervene.

Philippines President Duterte plans national LGBTQ convention

President Rodrigo Duterte is planning to call for a national convention for the LGBTQ community to hear concerns of community members, according to his former special assistant and now senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go.

Go, during a media interview, said Duterte thought of the convention after his meeting with transgender woman Gretchen Diez and other members of the LGBTQ community in Malacañang on Aug. 19.

The senator added the proposed convention would most likely be held after the President’s visit to China at the end of the month.

The convention, he said, would have representatives from each region where they would raise their concerns, comments and suggestions on how to further protect their rights and promote their welfare.

The President will also be present at the convention, according to Go.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro suspends funding for LGBT-plus screenplays

Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro posted on social media that funding for movies with LGBT-plus themes was being suspended, a decision that was published on Aug. 21 on the country’s official web site.

The newly elected conservative who once described himself as a homophobe hinted during a live stream recently that he would change the process for government-funded film projects, saying funding LGBT-plus-themed screenplays is “throwing money away.”

The decision, signed by Brazil’s minister of Citizenship Osmar Terra, suspends about 17.42 million from the government’s grant that would fund some 80 screenplays, including a fraction with LGBT-plus themes.

“It’s a surreal sensation,” said director Emerson Maranhao about having his work publicly criticized by the president, “I don’t quite believe it yet.”

“The first project he called out (during the live stream) was ours, and in such a pejorative and dishonoring way,” he told Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Maranhao’s screenplay, “Transversais,” a five-part documentary series about the life of five transgender people in northeastern Brazil, set to receive $99,532.

“He is harming 80 projects just to get to ours,” said Maranhao, adding “It’s terrifying.”

The suspension is set to last for up to 360 days, during which the government will restructure the committee responsible for allocating the fund’s resources. The committee would then review how state funds are used.

Filmmakers affected by the suspension are planning legal action to block Bolsonaro’s decision. 

Reporting via Associated Pressß

France ponders giving lesbians, single women access to IVF

Single women and lesbians in France won’t have to go abroad to have children anymore under a proposed new law that would give them access to medically-assisted reproduction for the first time.

 Special assignment: PGN went to Stockholm for Pride and to learn about LGBTQ issues in Sweden.


After Marie Tomičić separated from her son’s father, the two made a typical Swedish parenting decision: joint custody, cycling the child between each household every other week. 

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