International News

Lithuania considers antigay school law

The Lithuanian Parliament is set to introduce a law to prohibit the discussion of homosexuality in schools, similar to a law in Britain that for years hampered the ability of teachers to discuss sexuality or help gay students.

Cleric calls for eradication of homosexuality

A radical Shiite cleric has called for the “depravity” of homosexuality to be eradicated, but his spokesperson later said the remark should not be taken as a fatwa to kill gays.

Church of Scotland backs gay minister

The Church of Scotland has voted in favor of appointing an openly gay minister — the latest incident involving sexual orientation to create a division in the Anglican Communion.

Moscow threatens Pride crackdown

Great Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office recently released new guidelines for gay travelers in Russia, advising that visitors to Moscow should be aware of possible violence at a planned gay-pride march.

Lesbian PM wins in Iceland

Johanna Sigurdardottir, the lesbian named interim prime minister of Iceland in February, led her center-left coalition to a resounding victory in elections on April 25.

Irish demand full marriage rights

Nearly 1,000 people recently demonstrated in central Dublin, criticizing the government for refusing to give gay people equal marriage rights.

Russians charged for promoting homosexuality

Two Russian gay activists were convicted on April 6 of promoting homosexuality in Ryazan, southeast of Moscow.

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