International News

Senegal sentences gay men to prison

A judge in Senegal sentenced two men to six months in jail in a rare conviction of a gay couple on criminal charges.

Gay Russian protester detained at Olympic relay

A gay Russian protester was detained Jan.

Germany gets first out lesbian cabinet minister

In low-key fashion, Germany’s new Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks came out recently in a newspaper interview, making her the country’s first openly lesbian cabinet member.

Pope ‘shocked’ by gay-adoption bill

Pope Francis was reportedly “shocked” by proposed legislation to allow gay couples to adopt children in Malta.

Gay-rights office in Haiti attacked

Amnesty International says the office of a gay-rights group in Haiti has been ransacked and two of its members beaten.

Pope surveys Catholics on ‘modern’ issues

Pope Francis has urged members of the Catholic Church to fill out surveys on the Vatican’s teaching of “modern” topics, including same-sex sexual relationships, in order to gauge whether what the church preaches is still practical in today’s society.

Germany to introduce a third option for gender

Starting Nov.

Thousands march for marriage in Taiwan

Thousands marched in Taipei Oct.

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