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Gay-rights office in Haiti attacked

Amnesty International says the office of a gay-rights group in Haiti has been ransacked and two of its members beaten.

Pope surveys Catholics on ‘modern’ issues

Pope Francis has urged members of the Catholic Church to fill out surveys on the Vatican’s teaching of “modern” topics, including same-sex sexual relationships, in order to gauge whether what the church preaches is still practical in today’s society.

Germany to introduce a third option for gender

Starting Nov.

Thousands march for marriage in Taiwan

Thousands marched in Taipei Oct.

Trans girl allowed female ID card

A trans girl in Argentina has been allowed a female identification card, and for her gender to be officially recognized in a landmark decision.

Indian state holds first Pride march

More than 100 people took part in the first-ever gay Pride march in the city of Surat in Indian state Gujarat on Oct.

Bulgarians march for rights

Several-hundred people walked peacefully through Central Sofia in Bulgaria Sept.

Archbishop of Mumbai says being gay ‘not a sin’

In a recent letter to LGBT activist groups in India, the Archbishop of Mumbai has said he would advise priests to be more sensitive while referring to gay people in public sermons, adding that “to say those with other sexual orientations are sinners is wrong.

Russian lawmaker proposes free ‘ex-gay’ therapy

A senior Russian lawmaker wants to offer free psychotherapy to LGBT Russians.

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