International News

Parental rights to be extended for LGBT families in the Netherlands The government in the Netherlands is looking to change the law to take into account its 25,000 LGBT families, and issues faced by stepparents or sperm donors.

Russian antigay law was “about pedophilia”

A press spokesperson for the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dimitry Kozak has said his recent comments calling for a national law similar to the one being proposed in St.

India celebrates second annual Pride

Two of India’s largest cities held Pride events Nov.

Australia’s Mardi Gras re-brand draws ire

Some of Mardi Gras’ biggest long-time supporters are incensed that Sydney Mardi Gras’ new name and look doesn’t include the words “gay” or “lesbian.

Australian PM to allow vote on gay marriage

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has confirmed she will allow Labor MPs a free vote on gay marriage, but it is not believed the bill will succeed.

Pride parade draws 30,000 in Taipei

With music, self-made signs and creative costumes, an estimated 30,000 people from across Taiwan and several other countries marched through the streets of Taipei Oct.

Six antigay extremists arrested in Belgrade

Serbian police have arrested six suspected antigay extremists in connection with attempts to disrupt a Pride march.

Gay senator wins nom for Irish presidency

Openly gay Irish senator David Norris has secured enough nominations to stand for president.

German soccer captain warns against coming out

Philipp Lahm, a German soccer team captain recognized for his efforts to fight homophobia in sports, advises players not to come out because the consequences could be devastating, including suicide.

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