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An Ohio couple has revived the tradition of Sunday tea dances, creating a safe space for a new generation.

A gloomy, rainy Sunday in September couldn’t stop what was originally planned as an outdoor tea dance among the trees and fountains of Washington Park in Cincinnati. The gay tradition, revived last year in Ohio by a couple who lost their go-to bar, simply moved across the street and indoors.

Few topics in American politics under President Trump elicit more controversy than immigration. The same was true in early 20th-century America, when waves of immigrants flooded Ellis Island, causing fears that the country would become “overrun with foreigners,” as Henry Cabot Lodge wrote in 1891. With open borders, 30-million Europeans moved to the U.S. between 1850 and 1913. By 1920, about 15 percent of the U.S. population was foreign-born — much as it is in 2018.

There’s a critical emergency facing Pennsylvania’s LGBTQ community, yet it is barely discussed and remains mostly hidden.

It is the crisis of how to care for the state’s aging LGBTQ population and the myriad problems those Pennsylvanians are facing every day in the Commonwealth.

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