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Color guard: if you’ve heard of it at all, chances are you’ve heard the people involved dubbed the “reject cheerleaders,” or simply seen them with the band at football halftime shows. The guard is a team of people who use flags, sabres, rifles and dance to tell a story with music. In the band world, they’re dubbed “the auxiliary,” or simply referred to as the visual component of the show. As years have passed and guard has advanced, the “sport of the arts” has found other venues away from the band, creating its own community to showcase technical skill, athletic ability and artistry. While guard remains a cornerstone of half-time performances all over the country within marching bands, guards operating independently from scholastic programs can be found in regional and worldwide competitions as well as exhibition-only programs that participate in local events or parades.

Democrats delivered the biggest House win in 45 years in last month’s midterm elections.

And that, according to out TV mogul Ryan Murphy, gave him hope.

Speaking at the Trevor Project’s TrevorLive 2018 Gala in Los Angeles on Dec. 2, Murphy said, “In 2020, I’m going to create and fund, with corporate sponsorship, a multi-million dollar organization that targets anti-LGBTQ candidates running for office.”

Bebashi — Transition to Hope is aiming to be the city’s full-service, trans-specific resource center in the coming year.

To that end, the nonprofit, which provides a bevy of culturally sensitive services for Philadelphians, is opening the Trans Necessities Closet pilot program to provide the trans community with free binders, prosthetics and other gender-affirming resources.

I spent nearly 33 years of my life as a non-parent. It was just part of my identity — something that subtly guided how I moved through the world but that I rarely thought twice about, like my LGBT orientation, my right-handedness or my reliance on contact lenses. In an actual instant, though, that status changed and I was now a parent.

Is tonight the night I will be attacked? Will I make it through my shift alive? Will one of my clients try to kill me?

These are thoughts that plague sex workers daily — especially trans sex workers — as violence against them becomes a growing concern in the LGBTQ community.

Philadelphia actor and comedian Kevin Hart was named to co-host the upcoming 91st annual Academy Awards, but within 48 hours withdrew after outcry over his past history of homophobic comedy routines and postings on social media.

Given my current back injury rendering me unable to go to the gym, I find myself diving deep into this topic of decency without the upbringing.

A recent meme with a picture of Tom Hardy shaking a homeless man’s hand says, “I was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect as the president.” And as honorable as that is, I find it very challenging to understand how someone like me would be able to think the same without a proper upbringing.

I was racing my motorcycle down I-95 in Pennsylvania in the summer of 2007 as words and statements from years of conversion therapy repeated in my thoughts. Sinner. Sexual deviant. Doomed to hell. You’re not a woman; you weren’t born one and you’ll never be one.

I hit the throttle. My bag shifted and I reached back to steady it. The next thing I remember is lying on the side of the road and praying for death.

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