Employer pushes for dismissal of trans case

Employer pushes for dismissal of trans case

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Pottsville trans woman Kate Lynn Blatt benefited from a landmark ruling in May that allowed her to pursue an antibias case against her former employer under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

But Cabela’s Retail, Inc., continues to push for the dismissal of Blatt’s case, claiming she was fired for valid reasons unrelated to her alleged disability.

Blatt reportedly suffers from gender dysphoria, a disabling medical condition that U.S. District Judge Joseph F. Leeson Jr. said could be protected under the ADA. The ADA protects persons with disabilities from discrimination in private employment, public accommodations and governmental services.

But in an Aug. 1 filing, Cabela’s said it fired Blatt because she reportedly threatened to harm the son of a co-worker — not because of her alleged disability. Blatt denies the allegation.

“[T]he decision to terminate [Blatt’s] temporary relationship with Cabela’s was justified by legitimate, non-discriminatory and non-pretextual business reasons,” the filing states.

Cabela’s also contends Blatt was told to use a “family restroom,” because Blatt allegedly provided a book on trans issues that identified a “family restroom” as a reasonable option.

Additionally, Cabela’s contends it supplied a nametag for Blatt identifying her as “Kate Lynn” once she produced evidence of a legal name-change.

Between September 2006-March 2007, Blatt worked at Cabela’s outlet in Hamburg as a seasonal stocker. After she complained of mistreatment, Cabela’s retaliated by firing her, Blatt alleges.

Jury selection tentatively is scheduled for 10 a.m. Dec. 26 at the U.S. Court House in Center City. After a jury is selected, the trial will take place at the U.S. Court House in Allentown, according to court records.

Neither side had a comment for this story.

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