Fans gather in the Gayborhood prior to Eagles Parade

Fans gather in the Gayborhood prior to Eagles Parade

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Fans flooded the city streets Feb. 8 in celebration of the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl victory. Celebrants packed in together along Broad Street as they awaited the big parade while others flocked to the Gayborhood to prepare for the festivities.

“The energy is so different. I can’t wait to go outside later and enjoy the day with everyone. To just be part of the crowd is exciting,” said Matt Farrell, 31, of Prospect Park.

Farrell, who is gay, was enjoying the company of friends Nicole Pirrella-Patchoski and Peter Patchoski at Woody’s Bar.

The three joined throngs of other enthusiastic fans who were watching scenes from the Super Bowl Sunday playback on screens surrounding the bar. Fans dressed in Eagles gear cheered and raised drinks to the victorious team.

“It’s really amazing because we can be so divided so often,” Farrell said. “There’s a reason everyone comes together for something like this and everyone will celebrate.”

As the countdown to the parade continued, fans and celebrants were lining up to enter the bar while others high-fived passersby traveling to Broad Street.

Dawn Yergey, 35, of Northeast Philadelphia, was ecstatic about the day. Yergey was exhibiting her team and Philly spirit on Walnut Street.

Yergey, a lesbian, said noted that such a celebration makes people forget their differences.

“It’s important as a city because it unifies a fan base. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs, background, social status [or] skin color [are]. We are all together for that same goal. The only colors that matter are midnight green and white,” Yergey said.

Yergey added: “Most of us have never seen our football team win a championship in our lifetimes so it is just that feeling that can’t be replaced, and that non-Eagles fans or outsiders will never understand.”

For other fans, the big day was an experience to share with loved ones. Jess Pisasale, 26, and her girlfriend Olivia Marie Kais, 23, were ceelbrating with Ashley Slesser, 26, and her girlfriend DeAnna Zecchin, 24.

“I’m very excited to celebrate,” Pisasale said. “This is awesome and I’m so glad I can be here to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience with my girlfriend while repping my hometown.”

Slesser echoed that statement, adding that the fans really drive the heart of the city.

“It’s so amazing to be a part of something this huge,” Slesser said. “We finally got a win and it’s something to definitely be proud of. We’ll all remember it for the rest of our lives. Nobody has fans like Philly.”

Echoes of the chant “E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles!” were heard throughout the city. The parade route kicked off at 11 a.m., making its way from Broad and Pattison Avenue north to the art museum. A celebration continued from 1 p.m. into the afternoon.

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