Podcast picks for LGBTQ parents

Podcast picks for LGBTQ parents

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 Wherever you are in parenthood — trying, expecting, raising, chasing — you’re busy. So, if you’re looking for advice, say, navigating IVF or your toddler’s terrible twos, it’s got to fit your schedule.

You should try a podcast. Over a quarter of Americans are listening to one monthly, and most of them are tuning in while they’re doing something else, like commuting, working, exercising,and parenting!

Here are seven series that are currently (or soon to be) broadcasting tips and stories for LGBTQ families of all stripes.

Outspoken Voices: a podcast for LGBTQ

Emily McGranachan, queerspawn and a director for the Family Equity Council, hosts the podcast, interviewing members of LGBTQ families on donor siblings, foster families, inclusive summer camps and identity. Episodes run 30 minutes.

If These Ovaries Could Talk

Two lesbians and showbiz alumns talk baby-making and nontraditional families with a reel of weekly guests. Hosted by actress Jaimie Kelton and comedian Robin Hopkins, the 30-plus-minute episodes save space for lots of laughs. The ladies wrapped their first season this summer and will be back with fresh episodes for fall.

Queerly Beloved

Expected to hit Broadly, Vice’s diversity-serving platform, Queerly Beloved is a podcast based on the column of the same name. The content will include stories, provided by Broadly readers, of the LGBT families we inherit and make: your lesbian mom, your trans sister, your queer role model. Submissions are still being accepted. Call 707-412-8388.

Gayest Show on Birth

It’s gestation in real time! Married couple, Kate and Karyne, give weekly updates on their pregnancy: the combined efforts of Karyne’s eggs, an unknown sperm donor, and Kate’s uterus.   At eight months and counting, things are about to come to a head.

The Longest Shortest Time

With an eight-year run-time, a 2018 Webby and a thumbs-up from Terry Gross, the WNYC series is a parenting podcast canon. Don’t miss their latest: “Becoming a Single Dad While Trans.”

The Gay Fathers Podcast

Produced by the Utah Gay Fathers Association, this podcast interviews dads who have come out after a heterosexual marriage. Each episode, titled with the guests’ first name, gives the father an hour of airtime to tell his story.

The New Family Podcast — Modern Views on Family Life

Like “The Longest-Shortest Time,” but Canadian.  Established editor Brandie Weikle hosts, interviewing guests from all types of families. Episodes are tagged for simplified searches and supplemented with recommended readings.

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