A musical memorial for local singer

A musical memorial for local singer

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The William Way LGBT Community Center will host a memorial for Ghosha D’Aguanno, local pop singer and songwriter, Sept. 16. She died in April from complications from cancer.

The memorial will be held from 1-4 p.m. and is open to the public. It will begin at the William Way, 1315 Spruce St., and progress to the Tavern on Camac, 243 Camac St.

D’Aguanno played at bars throughout the Gayborhood, but her Sunday-evening performances at Tavern were her longest-running weekly appearances. The singer is survived by her brother, Frank D’Aguanno.

“We’re going to try to keep [the memorial] as upbeat and fun as possible,” he said. “We will bring down her ashes and have everybody pay their final respects. We’re going to have participants singing and telling stories.”

D’Aguanno, a musician himself, also spoke of plans to use the wealth of music his sister left behind to raise money for charity, with hopes of eventually putting together a compilation of her songs.

“That’s the best way to continue any potential legacy is giving it back to the community.”

The late singer’s regular venue, Cibo, honored her passing with a fundraiser. Tavern’s ceremony will be the last celebration in her honor. Performances will include the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus, Philly Voices of Freedom, Karen Scioli of “Saturday Night Dead,” Jeff Beiter, Andrew Mars and friends who performed with D’Aguanno at Cibo and Tavern. 

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