Liberals care about justice, not gender-neutral Santa

Liberals care about justice, not gender-neutral Santa

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An ABC News article from Dec. 14 stated, “Some say Santa should be rebranded female, gender-neutral.” A Washington Post article from 2016 was titled, “Don’t laugh: I have a serious reason for raising my cats gender-neutral.”

Please show me an average liberal who gives a rat’s ass about these topics.

Before you think I’m some conservative nut job, hear me out. These are not problems transgender people of color give a fuck about. This is white-culture bullshit, and media outlets like NBC and The Washington Post should be ashamed for painting liberals in such a way.

Why do you think conservatives and Republicans think liberals are nut jobs? Is it because we want equal rights for everyone? Is it because we want serious gun reform? No — it’s because news organizations put the craziest, most-ridiculous crap about gender-neutral cats and gender-neutral Santas in front of America’s faces.

I’m not advocating or excusing the very-vile and horrendously violent policies attributed to the conservative agenda; I’m shaming popular news outlets for shit reports that paint liberals as crazies instead of portraying us for what we really care about, i.e., minorities, healthcare, education and the right to fucking exist.

Remember when CNN shamed Trump for tweeting a video depicting himself as a wrestler taking down CNN? How many times do these popular networks pin ideologically opposite correspondents against each other? What do we get from this? How many times are we going to hear about Russia meddling in our elections while we consistently meddle in those of other countries?

Enough is enough. Liberals don’t give a fuck about Russia’s interference. We care about our transgender neighbor who is bullied daily, forced out of a job and whose mere existence is allowed to be debated on “liberal” news outlets.

We care about the effects of redlining on people of color, and we care about policy that should be aimed at fixing that. We care about our Muslim neighbors and their families who suffer when Trump tweets his hateful rhetoric. We care about our industry workers who’ve lost everything by believing in the white-picket hegemonic dream propagated by the American 1 percent to keep them poor while forcing them to work.

Did you know that rats are more likely to be gay if they have sister rats? I bet you didn’t. And I can wager that you never would have thought about something like that unless some dipshit on television or in your newsfeed said something about it.

Nobody thought about Santa’s gender until ABC News posted an article about it. Nobody cared about whether or not you raise a cat gender-neutral until The Washington Post published something about it.

The crazy people we see on television shitting on the street during the Women’s March in D.C. and the “crazy liberals” screaming at guys for opening doors for them are not the majority. We have much more important concerns at hand.

I’m a liberal. I’m also gay and a veteran. I do not care if Santa is gender-neutral. My boyfriend is gay. Many of our friends are gay. We care about marriage equality. We care about immigrants. We care about the citizens of this country and the lives of those affected by horrible international decisions made by the U.S., and the subsequent consequences of those decisions (like a caravan of migrants).

Left-wing popular media like CNN, ABC and The Washington Post are living in a psychotic bubble, which ignores the very-real and horrible things happening in our backyard. They infiltrate the brains of our citizens and push conservatives away by showing liberals as crazy. We are not.


A liberal who cares about real shit  

Johnathan Gilmore is a formerly enlisted combat Marine who was deployed to Afghanistan. He writes about masculinity, veteran awareness and LGBT issues. Gilmore graduated from Cornell University with a degree in communications.

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