Philadelphia Bar Association releases final judicial ratings

Philadelphia Bar Association releases final judicial ratings

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The Philadelphia Bar Association’s Commission on Judicial Selection and Retention released its final judicial ratings.

Tiffany Palmer, an out candidate running for a seat on the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, is one of only four candidates given the honor of “Highly Recommended.”

Palmer has practiced law for 20 years, most of which has centered on LGBT civil rights. Palmer has represented more than 1,000 LGBTQ families during her tenure.

Another LGBTQ Court of Common Pleas judge hopeful, Henry Sias, has been “Recommended” by the Bar, along with 15 other candidates. Sias is trying to make history as the first out trans man elected to state or federal government in the United States. Palmer and Sias were also endorsed by the Victory Fund.

In a press release, Philadelphia Bar Association Chancellor Rochelle M. Fedullo said, “The Commission’s ratings of judicial candidates are the only non-partisan source for voters in Philadelphia, and its investigations are based on a wide range of objective qualifications for judicial service.” 

Candidates rated “Highly Recommended” and “Recommended” by Philadelphia’s Bar Association were reviewed for legal ability, experience, integrity, temperament, community involvement and judgment. 

Commission Chair Teresa Ficken Sachs said, “The Commission invests thousands of hours to thoroughly investigate, review and rate candidates.” 

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