Put a little L.U.S.T. in your Valentine’s Day

Put a little L.U.S.T. in your Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, many of you are thinking about how to make this day stand out from the other days of the year where you intend to bang the gong of romance loudly. So we here at PGN pulled together some suggestions on how you can inject a little lust in your Valentine’s Day revelry. L is for Light Bondage

What better day that Valentine’s Day to spice it up in the bedroom? Yeah, we know some of you are a bit more advanced in the kink department and if dungeons and animal costumes are more your speed, you might want to skip this section.

But if you are still on vanilla training wheels in the kink department, you might want to consider picking up a copy of “Naughty Knots: Light Bondage and Bedroom Tricks.” This handy little hardcover book will show you the ropes (get it? Yeah, we hate ourselves too for saying it ...) of erotic bondage and knot-tying to restrain your partner simply and safely. It also shows readers how to fashion a rope corset or a riding crop for spanking.

Yeah, the myriad items you can weave together with rope look complex and time-consuming, but if you are ever stranded on an island with a willing partner and a large spindle of rope, you’ll be glad to be able to MacGuyver up some bondage gear to pass the time.

U is for Undergarments

A new and fancy piece of underwear or lingerie is always a required and welcome sight on Valentine’s Day. By far the best place in the city for lingerie and bras is Coeur Intimate Apparel, 132 S. 17th St. (www.coeurlingerie.com).

The upscale intimates boutique is known far and wide for its friendly service, high-quality materials, stylish brands, extensive selection and expert bra fittings for all body types.

For more information visit www.coeurlingerie.com or call 215-972-0373 S is for Sexploratorium

Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of South Street, the Sexploratorium is one of the best sex shops in the region, carrying fashions, books and adult toys for beginners and seasoned experts alike.

The knowledgeable and friendly staff will gladly help you get geared up for whatever fetishes you may have. The store also hosts workshops, discussion groups and seminars to educate customers on the ideas, practices and items that might be new and exciting to them.

For more information, visit http://passionalboutique.wordpress.com/sexploratorium. T is for Toys

The good people at Big Teaze Toys, the company famous for their sex toys cleverly disguised as rubber duckies, have rolled out some new pleasure products for both men and women.

For the men, there is the VërSpanken H2O oral-sex simulator, a new addition to the popular line featuring some never-before-seen features in a male pleasure product, like an adjustable housing and interchangeable textured liquid-filled inserts for warm or cool thermal play.

For the ladies, there is a line of Onye Kenya products, which are available in regular and petite sizes in a number of fashionable designs. Offering three modes of vibration, Kenya is waterproof and crafted of virgin, non-porous plastics and comes with a hard travel case.

For more information visit www.bigteazetoys.com.

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