Brittany Lynn heads to the small screen

Brittany Lynn heads to the small screen

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Local drag celeb Brittany Lynn is coming to a television screen near you.

Lynn will be the star of “#Celebrity Hash Tag,” airing Saturday nights on independent station WMCN, carried by Comcast, Verizon FIOS, DirecTV and Dish Network.

The show will be spearheaded by Woodshop Networks and featured on its comedic nightly news parody “The Scrapple Report.”

Lynn, portrayed by Ian Morrison, will use the segment to deliver celebrity news, modeled after her current web segment “The Celebrity Shit Show.”

“We wanted a campy, celebrity-gossip piece so we did ‘Celebrity Shit Show.’ I don’t like change but I talked to [Woodshop founder] Mark [Brodzik] and we changed the name to ‘#Celebrity Hash Tag’ for television,” Morrison said at a taping of the first episode Tuesday at Woodshop. It will air Aug. 30 at 11:30 p.m.

At the taping, Lynn delivered her shtick before a green screen, which will later be converted to a colorful logo as a backdrop. Fellow drag star Sandy Beach recorded a commerical to run during the piece.

“We have our own brand of humor here but we try to present it in a way that’s palatable, where people get it and it’s funny,” Brodzik said about the mission of his Scrapple TV, which also offers online content.

Brodzik compared “The Scrapple Report” to “‘The Daily Show’ for Philadelphia.”

The team plans to tape two episodes a week.

“What we do is take all of our web cuts and package them into half-hour blocks for TV,” Brodzik explained. “Ultimately, we’d like to have multiple shows on TV, with two hours of original programming a week on TV, and other content on the web.”

He’s also interested in launching spinoffs for niche markets, such as for LGBT audiences.

“I’ve been talking with Ian about ideas for a bunch of other shows that will really be phenomenal, we just have to get the sponsorships and money to roll them out,” Brodzik said. “At this stage, we’re just starting to monetize. We’re getting an ad-sales guy and you can advertise for almost nothing; we’ll take $50 to a couple hundred, it depends on what the ad is. But we just are trying to get the ball rolling and get more eyeballs watching.”

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