Lesbian gunned down in North Philly

Lesbian gunned down in North Philly

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A North Philadelphia lesbian was shot in broad daylight Tuesday morning while on her way to work.

Kim Jones, 56, was shot in the head at 9:30 a.m. while she was standing on the corner of 12th and Jefferson streets near Temple University, waiting to take the bus to work, police said.

The gunman came up behind Jones, who was wearing headphones, and shot her point-blank in the back of the head.

Investigators believe Jones was targeted, but a motive had not been announced as of presstime.

"She had her purse, she had her cellphone, she had jewelry on, none of which was taken, none of which was disturbed," said Homicide Capt. James Clark in a press conference Tuesday.

Officer Tanya Little, a police spokesperson, said investigators are aware that Jones, who married her partner last month, was a lesbian, and do not yet know if that could have played a role in her killing.

“Investigators have not ruled out anything at this point,” Little said.

The gunman is described as a heavyset black male wearing black clothing and carrying a black duffle bag. Investigators are reviewing video footage from SEPTA, Temple and city cameras to continue looking for clues.

"Someone knew her routine, knew she waited for the bus and waited for her," Clark said in a press conference Tuesday. "For whatever reason, she was targeted."

David Fair, deputy CEO of Turning Points for Children, a service and support organization for youth where Jones worked as program director of the Families and Schools Together initiative for the past seven years, said Jones was an exemplary employee.

“Extremely smart,” he said about her. “Always thinking about how to address the challenges in her job.”

Jones' work focused on providing parent education and support services to families of children in city schools to enhance academic success.

“She lived and breathed the children and families she worked with. When it came to the kids, she was everyone’s mother and grandmother,” Fair said. “That’s what I will remember most about her. She was one of the most caring people that I met.”

Jones, who earned a master’s of business administration, had been divorced from her ex-husband for more than 25 years, and had two adult sons.

The city is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. 

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