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The Community Control of Health, a local committee of Black and Brown LGBTQ and Poz folks are holding a symposium “focused on the liberation of queer and trans Black and Brown persons centering their experiences of sexual and racial oppression in a safe, confidential environment, designed specifically for that community.”


As of Jan. 8, out State Rep. Brian Sims has a Democratic challenger for the 2020 primary. Public education advocate and Ward 5 Committee Person Marisa Shaaban announced her candidacy for Pennsylvania House District 182.

In a new year so fraught with gun violence in Philadelphia, and in which hate crimes against various communities, including LGBTQ folks, are way up, former Portland, Oregon Chief of Police Danielle Outlaw has been hired as Philadelphia’s new commissioner.


This year, Philadelphia FIGHT Community Health Center is celebrating its 30th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of FIGHT Stories, a written collection of personal stories told by people who have utilized the organization’s services.

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