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Understanding the legal rights of trans people who are traveling internationally. Strategies for healing from top surgery or binding. Effective communication and self-care skills for partners of trans and nonbinary folks.

A Philadelphia trans woman has filed suit against the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, alleging she was mistreated during a medical procedure and then wrongfully terminated as a HUP employee.


Last week, Mel Heifetz, a local gay businessperson and philanthropist, donated $20,000 to the Democratic National Committee in the name of Philadelphia’s LGBT community.

The Print Center in Philadelphia held a public panel with prominent local archivists whose job is to preserve and present LGBTQ history in honor of the Stonewall uprising’s 50th anniversary.

During the June 26 panel discussion, experts spoke about the process of gathering and preserving material that documents LGBTQ history and ways to present material that elucidates history and educates the public.


Philadelphia was out and proud in New York City this year during World Pride.

With a commitment of “around $500,000” for June, Visit Philadelphia, the city’s official tourism marketing agency, showed support for the LGBTQ community during this iconic month that celebrated the anniversary of the Stonewall riots.


Part one of a three-part series on disability in the LGBTQ community.

While LGBTQ people celebrated Pride and Stonewall 50 this month, many community members couldn’t join the party.

On social media, disabled LGBTQ people declared their frustration, anger and feelings of exclusion that many Pride celebrations were inaccessible to people with mobility disabilities, as well as to people who are Deaf, blind or have sensory sensitivities.

Three board members have resigned from their posts with Liberty City Democratic Club since April, the volunteer LGBTQ political action committee announced June 29.

The departures are those of Kristina Furia, the group’s treasurer, and co-chairs Alexander Olson and Anne Wakabayashi. Nine board members remain at the organization, for which bylaws require a leadership of 9-15 people, Olson said. 

On the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta expected to speak on the floor of the Pennsylvania House about a resolution he introduced that commemorates the historical riots.

Instead, feeling “deflated,” he left the state chambers for an almost three-month summer recess alongside his colleagues with the resolution unheard, Kenyatta said.

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