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Plymouth Township and Bridgeport Borough recently took steps to ensure civil-rights protections for their LGBT residents, visitors and workers.

On April 9, the Democratic-controlled Plymouth Township Council voted 5-0 to enact an LGBT-specific antibias ordinance. The ordinance bans anti-LGBT bias within the township in employment, housing and public accommodations.

Among Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club’s endorsements for the upcoming primary election is Malcolm Kenyatta, especially notable because if he wins, he will be the first openly gay person of color to serve in the state legislature.

Twenty-seven years since its first charitable fund drive, Dining Out for Life, Philly’s largest foodie fundraiser, returns April 19 to raise cash for the worthiest of causes: feeding and supporting local residents struggling with HIV and AIDS.

And joining the nearly 200 restaurant partners  in the Delaware Valley is Philly’s retinue of portable feasts for its 6th Annual Food Truck Pop Up on Saturday April 14.

 Once upon a time, Pennsylvania Ballet dancers Leslie Carothers, Kelly Moriarty, Michael Sheridan and Nick Stuccio (the latter before becoming the lord of the Fringe Festival and curator of the Fringe Arts HQ) created what they believed to be a one-time performance event to raise much-needed funds for MANNA, a nonprofit organization that delivers meals to those with life-threatening illnesses.

That dance-a-thon, Shut Up & Dance, did the trick. Not only did the ballet-based gig continue to annually raise over $150,000 for MANNA since its 1991 start; in total, it has earned nearly $2 million in the last 25 years, along with becoming an event dedicated to spectacular one-night-only performances.


The Gayborhood is getting a makeover in 2018. Some might call it long overdue.

The rainbow crosswalks that trim 13th and Locust streets have faded continuously since a week after the paint dried in June 2015. Meanwhile, the permanent closure of 12th Street Gym leaves the mural of LGBT activist Gloria Casarez on an abandoned building fated with demolition, if the fire code isn’t fixed. Plus, there are the potholes.

A new crime-victims advisory committee under formation by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office will have LGBT representation, D.A. Larry Krasner said during a recent press conference.

“We would invite LGBTQ presence on this committee,” Krasner said during an April 6 press conference at the D.A.’s Office. “We certainly have an [LGBTQ] presence in our office, and we invite people from all communities to participate.”

The Philadelphia Gay News won seven Keystone Press Awards this year, an honor that not only recognizes professional excellence, but journalism that “consistently provides relevance, integrity and initiative in serving readers, and faithfully fulfills its First Amendment rights/responsibilities.”

 An upcoming judicial ruling could determine whether the Social Security Administration can refuse to recognize the existence of a common-law marriage, even if a state court has already recognized it, and deny a request for monthly survivor benefits.

It took two years for gay widower John D. Roberts to receive spousal-survivor benefits from SSA after his spouse, Bernard O. Wilkerson, died in December 2015.

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