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Daniel Mobbs and Vince Bresciano made a commitment to each other in 2003 before same-sex marriage became legal. They legally married two months after it became recognized in New York in 2011, at which time they only expected “to sign a piece of paper,” Bresciano said.

Last month, Hurricane Maria ripped through Karenina Angleró’s home in Puerto Rico. However, she received some assistance from a local queer couple who welcomed her into their home. Now, she is helping out Allison Harris and Raquel Salas Rivera with their project to help LGBT Puerto Ricans impacted by the hurricane.

While every patient with an eating disorder is different, LGBT people may have added stresses related to coming out, anti-LGBT violence and bullying. More than 500 people will explore these issues and many others Nov. 10-12 at the 27th-annual Renfrew Center Foundation Conference for Professionals.

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