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The Philadelphia District Attorney last week filed charges against a former Archdiocesan official for his alleged role in covering up instances of sex abuse, in what is considered to be the first case of its kind.

The Department of Homeland Security gave a local gay couple the only Valentine’s Day gift they were hoping for: the temporary delay of a deportation order that would have taken them a world away from one another.

Hearings continued in domestic case

Trials are still pending for Luis Berrios and partner Jason Mendez, who were arrested during a domestic disturbance and contend that police officers were unnecessarily rough and used homophobic and racist language.

When asked why they wanted to participate in an HIV vaccine trial, two local men had the exact same response: Why not?

For Gary Wilson and Josh Edwards, the decision to sign up for the University of Pennsylvania’s current research study on an HIV vaccine was a no-brainer.

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