Local News

Suburban trans teacher reinstated

A judge reinstated a transgender art teacher from Media, Delaware County, who had been fired after undergoing a sex-change operation.

A federal judge has granted a two-month extension for both sides to gather evidence in a case that could determine whether the local Boy Scouts chapter remains in a city-owned building.

Area voters will head to the polls in a few weeks to choose from a long list of judges and other candidates in the municipal Primary, two of whom are members of the LGBT community.

An organization dedicated to fighting same-sex marriage launched a new advertising effort last week that targets the states it sees as the next battlegrounds for marriage equality, including New Jersey.

Kocis killer files appeal

Lawyers for the man convicted of killing a local gay-porn producer filed an appeal last week with the Pennsylvania Superior Court, seeking to overturn the conviction and sentence.

The global LGBT and ally community will have its eye on Philadelphia later this month as the 17th annual Equality Forum takes the stage, providing a platform for political, religious, health and business leaders to discuss issues facing all LGBT individuals.

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