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District Attorney:

Seth Williams (#55) Controller:

Alan Butkovitz (#58) Supreme Court:

Jack Panella (#1) Superior Court:

Anne Lazarus (#4)

John Younge (#5)

Robert Colville (#7) Commonwealth Court:

Jimmy Lynn (#10)

Stephen Pollack (#11) Court of Common Pleas:

Robert Coleman (#20)

Angeles Roca (#21)

Donna Woelpper (#26)

Sharon Williams-Losier (#27) Roxanne Covington (#30)

Dan Anders (#34)

Joyce Eubanks (#38) Municipal Court:

Dawn Segal (#40)

Charles Hayden (#42)

Joseph Waters (#45)

Pat Dugan (#51)


Love-letter writing may be secondary to e-mailing, text messaging, Facebook and other instant methods of expressing one’s abounding affection for his or her sweetheart, but the City of Philadelphia is going old school and putting pen to paper in a new effort to court residents and visitors.

Nathaniel Frank, an openly gay researcher and author and one of the leading voices against the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, speaks to the soggy crowd at last weekend’s National Equality Rally at Independence Hall.

Kevin Burns (far right), executive director of ActionAIDS, welcomes diners and special guests Nancy Becker (from left), media and marketing director of 15 Minutes Inc.

On May 19, Philadelphians will go to the polls to nominate candidates for district attorney, city controller and numerous judicial benches.

In a unanimous vote April 30, Philadelphia City Council approved a resolution that urges the Pennsylvania House to approve a nondiscrimination bill that would extend protections to the LGBT community.

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