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Democrats took control of the U.S. House of Representatives with a 32-seat majority during the general election last week — a victory that will “win protections for transgender people on a broader scale in the long-term,” according to a local transgender advocate.

Attorneys for a Philadelphia student who was raped inside a public elementary school urged a three-judge appellate panel this week to let the student’s case against the school district move forward even though his mother allegedly missed a deadline by nearly two years to file a complaint.

In honor of Veterans Day on Nov. 11, I thought I’d tell you about a time in February 2012 when I was walking towards my vehicle in the frigid cold of winter in Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. A Marine with a copy of the Military Times pushed the cover into my face. It depicted a male Marine’s homecoming kiss with his partner. “See!” he said, “Hawaii Marines are fags!”


“Zola brings us so much joy every day. She loves laughter and smiles more than anything in the world, except for food. She will do nearly anything for a treat. At the end of the day, she sits with us on the couch and relaxes with her toys. She is a delight and we love her!”
— Jason Villemez and Mark Segal

The story of Romeo, and two weeks later also his sister Mischief, are weekend tales of tails. July 2, 2011, was a Saturday and I was thrilled to have three days in a row with no events to photograph. I’d made plans only to clean the patio, cook out a couple of times, read and enjoy some summer sun.

“President-elect Trump” is what I heard Chris Cuomo from CNN say through my television screen. I went to bed with the TV on knowing Hillary Clinton would lose by 10 p.m., but I had the audacity of hope that she would pull through like Muhammad Ali against George Foreman like the Thrilla in Manilla. I was wrong! When I arrived at work, I felt a collective trauma throughout the entire Health Department.

The pendulum swept toward Democrats in Pennsylvania on election night on both a state and federal level, though Republicans still control both houses of the state assembly.

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