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After high school, Kendall Stephens had the world ahead of her. She had several college acceptance letters under her belt, alongside a diploma with honors, a freshly broken Penn Relays record and the unveiling of her trans identity. 

A Philadelphia gay man has filed an antibias complaint against the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, claiming he was illegally fired from his job as an order filler due to his sexual orientation and HIV-positive status. 



"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Charles Dickens was a straight, cisgender white man, and the year was 1859, but that quintessential opening of "A Tale of Two Cities" could not be a more accurate assessment of how the decade of the 2010s was if you were LGBTQ.


Chris Bartlett has been the executive director at William Way LGBT Community Center (WWCC) for a decade — a fraught and complicated decade that has also been the most tumultuous for LGBTQ people since the AIDS pandemic. The changes within those 10 years have demanded the kind of nuanced approach Bartlett has brought to the center. While other agencies have seen turnover and strife, Bartlett helmed the center with a calm, yet active hand.


For years Philadelphians have known Tiffany Palmer as a visible member of the LGBTQ community, frequently at events with her wife and daughter. A family law and civil rights attorney, Palmer often worked on complex LGBT cases. A partner and founding member of Jerner & Palmer, P.C., a Germantown law firm specializing in family law and estate planning, Palmer also founded the first LGBT family law direct services program in the country.

If you’ve seen photographs of the 1965-69 Independence Hall Demonstrations, where gay men and lesbians marched demanding equality, chances are that picture was taken by Kay Lahusen. A prolific activist along with her partner, Barbara Gittings, Lahusen photographed many of the early LGBT activists during their marches and events, including Frank Kameny, Marty Robinson and Isabel Miller. She also photographed gay and lesbian couples in moments of tenderness, something that was not often seen at the time. Her photograph of Lilli Vincenz was the first full-face photo of a lesbian on the cover of the influential lesbian publication “The Ladder.”


The holiday season can be stressful, and for many members of the LGBTQ community, it can be particularly harrowing. Fortunately, a variety of local organizations provide helpful resources, many of which can be found within the Mazzoni Center’s annual Holiday Wellness Guide.


Comcast Corp. asked a federal judge this week to dismiss the lawsuit of Klayton Fennell, an openly-gay employee who alleges a hostile work environment at the media giant caused him to be passed over for promotions, subjected to antigay slurs, denied equal pay and pressured to leave the Philadelphia headquarters.

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