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Anita Cornwell had been an out lesbian for more than two decades when Stonewall happened. She had wandered the small streets of Greenwich Village in the 1940s-1950s and had written about her experiences in The Ladder, where she was the first black lesbian to write for the publication. She also wrote about her experiences as a black woman in Negro Digest.

Part two of a two-part series about domestic violence and LGBTQ relationships 

“He liked seeing me cry,” Chantal says.

Her voice is unwavering, with no hint of tears. Even in the slightly disjunctive images of Skype, Chantal seems calm as she tells the story of how, for three years, her boyfriend abused her verbally and physically, and how hard it was for her to leave him.

More than 5,000 people are expected to fill the streets of New Hope, Pennsylvania on Saturday for the city’s 16th-annual Pride celebration.

The event will feature more than 800 parade marchers, its largest-ever participant count. 

At Philadelphia’s annual Pride celebration, Celena Morrison can typically be spotted coordinating volunteers and orchestrating tabling for the William Way LGBT Community Center.

This year, she’ll take on a different role. Morrison is one of nine people that Philly Pride Presents, the organizer of the city’s Pride, has announced as Grand Marshals for PrideDay 2019. 

Normally around this time, Jesse Pires would be scheduling the Lightbox Film Center’s next year of programs. 

But the chief curator’s 2020 vision is still a little foggy. 

James Allen came out as bisexual at age 13, only to experience extreme verbal and emotional abuse from family members. At times, he said, he considered suicide. 

At age 19, he spent a year in transitional housing. At 20, he received a key to his own apartment at the Gloria Casarez Residence in “a full-circle moment.” 

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to review the case of "John Doe," a South Philadelphia man who resigned from his job at the Philadephia Housing Authority after a supervisor allegedly called him a “fucking faggot.” If the court rules favorably for Doe, federal antibias protections would be extended to thousands of LGBT workers in the region. 

A video showing State Rep. Brian Sims berating a woman saying the rosary outside a Planned Parenthood clinic isn’t easy viewing, yet at press time it had been viewed more than 1.1-million times.

In his video, taken outside the clinic at 1144 Locust St., Sims (D-182nd Dist.) approaches a woman who appears to be in her 50s and who is a member of pro-life organization Sidewalk Servants.

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