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Billy Ciancaglini had been a South Philadelphia Democrat for all his voting years. Then, he moved to the right. Just how far to the right is in question.

Ciancaglini, a criminal defense lawyer, changed his registration to Republican 10 months ago and is now the Republican candidate for mayor of Philadelphia. 

The Philadelphia Bar Association’s Commission on Judicial Selection and Retention released its final judicial ratings.

Tiffany Palmer, an out candidate running for a seat on the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, is one of only four candidates given the honor of “Highly Recommended.”

After New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s May 3 order to the New Jersey Army National Guard to defy President Donald Trump’s ban on transgender military servicemembers, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf said he wants to “explore” ways to protect trans National Guard members in this state. 

Right now, however, he has no plans to join Murphy in defying the ban.

Part one of a two-part series

It was supposed to be a sex game. 

It turned into a rape. 

Terrell Johnson was only 20, his partner, Matt, 26, forced him to have sex against his will. It’s an experience that, even five years later, Johnson has trouble discussing with all but his closest friends. 

A Pennsylvania senator is among three U.S. legislators who introduced a bill to expand health services and resources for the older LGBTQ population. 

U.S. Sen. Robert Casey (D-PA) authored the Inclusive Aging Act with Sens. Michael Bennet (D-CO) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK).


Seven months after the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission became the owner of an LGBTQ-oriented historic marker installed near Rittenhouse Square, it remains to be seen whether its language will be revised to recognize contributions of the the early transgender community. Revisions may hinge on whether the city elects its first openly-trans City Council member in November.

Roberta Hacker grew up in a small, mostly working-class, largely Mennonite community in Telford, 50 miles outside Philadelphia.

At 17, she graduated from high school, six years before the Stonewall riots.

Victory Fund, the organization dedicated to getting more LGBTQ leaders elected to public office across the country, rolled out 17 new endorsements for the 2019 election cycle — and five of those include candidates running in Pennsylvania.

The latest list of endorsees emphasizes individuals running in less-flashy local government races in parts of the country where LGBTQ representation is critically low, including Virginia, Mississippi, Indianapolis and central Pennsylvania.

Eugene Brown, an openly gay resident of the Brewerytown section, calls anti-LGBT bullying a “national crisis” that needs urgent attention. Brown, 30, said he was targeted for bullying numerous times as a student at Olney High School and contemplated suicide on multiple occasions.

Another Philadelphia Black Pride weekend is in the books, and according to PBP President Le Thomas, it was a big hit, attracting nearly 5,000 attendees from Philly and along the East Coast at a host of nightlife and community events held around the city.

“The weekend was a success because it was truly community-driven and people were getting to know each other through networking,” Thomas said. “That’s always the most exciting thing to see during Black Pride, the new friendships that form during the week — and seeing people who don’t go out a lot catch up with old friends.”

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