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Wyoming middle school sexual orientation survey angers some

The Jackson Hole News & Guide reported a survey asking Wyoming middle school students about their sexual orientation is angering some parents.

The survey went out to Jackson Hole Middle School students in October. It was part of an effort to determine if the school should have a gay-straight alliance or other support for LGBTQ students.

Parent Mike Mielke says the questions were inappropriate and school officials at least should have told parents about the survey.

Principal Matt Hoelscher said he pulled the survey after he found out about it. Hoelscher says there are better ways to get such information.

Hoelscher said the survey originated in the school counseling office, which sought to identify and reach out to marginalized students.

School district sued over transgender students treatment

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported a mother is suing a Minnesota school district, claiming it discriminated against her son because he’s transgender.

The lawsuit filed in Wright County alleges Buffalo Community Middle School repeatedly isolated her son from his classmates, limited his access to a suitable restroom and removed him from physical education classes. Woods wanted to use the boys’ bathrooms and locker rooms but was required to use a single-occupancy restroom that he says was difficult to get to between classes.

Matt Woods was 11 years old in September 2015 when he transitioned socially and adopted a new name. School officials have denied the allegations in the lawsuit.

Matt’s mom, Helene Woods, said, “transgender kids are just kids.” And, that denying them access to the facilities that meet their gender identity is harming them.

Alaska AG: Same-sex spouse eligible for oil-wealth check reported Alaska’s attorney general said a woman who alleged she was wrongly denied a check from the state’s oil-wealth fund because of her same-sex marriage is eligible.

Kevin Clarkson in a since-deleted tweet called Denali Nicole Smith’s lawsuit “pointless.” He says her application for the check is listed as eligible but hasn’t been paid because of an address issue.

Attached to Smith’s federal lawsuit is a denial letter from the state that cites nullified laws barring recognition of same-sex marriage.

The lawsuit says Smith is an Alaska resident who has been living in Florida to accompany her military wife. It claims Smith was denied eligibility when she would have been eligible had her spouse been a man. 

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The FBI has released its annual Hate Crime Statistics report, which concluded that LGBTQ people are targeted in nearly one in five hate crimes. In Philadelphia alone, the number of such reported crimes has doubled in just two years.

On Nov. 19, U.S. District Judge William Alsup issued an opinion and order in Santa Clara v. Azar, a case against a proposed Trump administration rule that would allow health care workers to deny medical services — such as abortion or gender-affirming surgery — based on personal religious or moral beliefs. 

Across a two-day period last week, two federal trial court judges struck down a proposed Trump administration rule that would allow health care workers — ranging from doctors, nurses and EMTs to janitors and clerical staff — to deny medical services on the grounds of personal religious or moral beliefs. 

A new study in the journal Pediatrics published Nov. 1 highlights the disparity between suicidal thoughts for transgender and cisgender adolescents. Dr. Brian C. Thoma of the University of Pittsburgh Department of Psychiatry led the study, which charted more than 2,000 adolescents, nearly 1,200 of whom were trans adolescents between the ages of 14 to 18.

LGBTQ characters on U.S. TV are at an all-time high

NBC News reported for the fourth consecutive year, broadcast television has featured a record percentage of LGBTQ characters, according to a report released Thursday by the media advocacy group GLAAD.

Kentucky Supreme Court dismisses gay pride T-shirt case

The Courier-Journal reported the Kentucky Supreme Court has sided with a print shop owner who refused to make a gay pride T-shirt because he says it was against his religious beliefs.

The wave of Democratic upsets that began with the 2018 midterm elections a year ago and put more openly LGBTQ people in Congress than ever before continued in Tuesday's off-year election. In addition to flipping the governorship of Kentucky and the entire Virginia state legislature Democratic, the historic election put nearly 100 new LGBTQ candidates into office nationwide in state and local seats.

A new study by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law revealed LGBT people face far more poverty than their straight and cisgender peers. The study also found that even among LGBT folks, bisexual women and trans people face an even higher level of poverty — as much as 10 percent more than lesbians and 20 percent more than gay men.

Texas GOP leaders enter parents’ battle over child’s gender reported top Republican leaders in Texas recently weighed in on two parents’ battle over their 7-year-old child’s gender identity after the case was shared widely on social media and conservative news sites.

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