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On July 12, magazine, The New Republic, published an essay on presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg using gay tropes to argue against his presidency. 

In the piece titled “My Mayor Pete Problem,” Dale Peck referred to Buttigieg, who is affectionately known as “Mayor Pete,” as “Mary Pete.” Peck also referred to Buttigieg as a “gay Uncle Tom.” In the essay Peck claimed that Buttigieg, a Rhodes scholar and an Afghanistan vet, would be a disaster as president, cheating on his husband, searching for the sex he hadn’t had as a closeted adolescent.

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, more commonly called GLSEN (pronounced “glisten”), has launched its 11th National School Climate Survey in its primary mission to ensure safe schools for LGBTQ students.


While the amount of non-LGBTQ adults ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ comfortable with the gay community has stabilized after a large dip last year, more Americans ages 18-34 are less comfortable with queer people, a new study found.

The fifth-annual Accelerating Acceptance Index, a national survey of 1,970 United States adults’ attitudes toward LGBTQ people, was released June 24. It was run by marketing research group The Harris Poll alongside LGBTQ advocacy organization GLAAD. Responses were gathered online Jan. 8-11.


The Victory Institute celebrated Pride month with its 2019 Out for America report and news that the most LGBTQ elected officials in history are now in office.

As Mayor Pete Buttigieg stands on the presidential debate stage as the first openly gay presidential candidate, across the U.S., 698 LGBTQ officials represent the people.


Pete Buttigieg made history at the first round of Democratic debates. On the eve of Pride, Buttigieg’s presence was the first out gay candidate in a presidential debate. He is also one of the top contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination, rising in the polls over the past six months, now ranked fifth according to Politico. 

Vermont: Insurers can’t deny care for transgender youth

The State reported Vermont is clarifying that insurers cannot deny coverage of gender affirmation health care because of the individual’s age.


Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon founded the first lesbian civil rights organization in the U.S., the San Francisco-based Daughters of Bilitis. DOB was named for a book of lesbian poetry written by a lover of Sappho, “Songs of Bilitis.” Martin and Lyon justified the name, writing later, “If anyone asked us, we could always say we belong to a poetry club.”

Civil rights lawsuit alleges anti-gay harassment of student

The Chicago Tribune reports a federal civil rights complaint alleging an Ohio high school student faced harassment from school officials and his basketball coach after they learned he was gay.

The lawsuit filed in federal court in Akron, Ohio says the student at Fairless Local Schools in northeastern Ohio lost virtually all basketball playing time and was punished with workouts not ordered for other players.

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