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 LGBT advocates are praising a recent order by a three-judge panel of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals that allows trans students at Boyertown Area Senior High School to access restrooms, locker rooms and other facilities consistent with their gender identity.

“This case has always been about ensuring a fair and equal educational environment for transgender students,” said Mary Catherine Roper, deputy legal director of the ACLU of Pennsylvania, which was involved in defending the case. “We are grateful that the court understood that, and we are especially grateful to our clients who bravely stood up in defense of the school’s practice.”

Coach Carr from the movie “Mean Girls” stands in front of a chalkboard with the word “Abstinence” bolded and circled at the top. He begins his lecture to the bleacher-load of ambivalent high-schoolers, with this infamous first line: “Don’t have sex. ’Cause you will get pregnant and die.”

Last fall, PGN reported that two Ventnor City, N.J., men had been indicted on charges of operating an all-male prostitution ring out of one of the suspect’s apartments, and last week both suspects admitted their involvement in the prostitution ring that targeted troubled young men for recruitment.

The Rev. Kim Wildszewski was raised listening to sermons from the pulpit in a Unitarian Universalist church — and next weekend will take to the pulpit to deliver her own first sermon as settled minister at Unitarian Universalist Church of Washington Crossing.

The National LGBT Bar Association, the largest organization of LGBT and allied legal professionals in the country, has announced that Romulo L. Diaz Jr., vice president and general counsel of PECO, will receive the organization’s Out & Proud award, which recognizes legal professionals who advance LGBT equality by creating more secure and welcoming workplaces.

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