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PGN reached out to all localCongressional candidates in contested races and conducted phone interviews with those who responded, as well as with lieutenant governor and City Council candidates.

City continues Scouts subsidy

City officials continue to subsidize a local Boy Scouts of America troop that occupies a city-owned building in Roxborough.



Leanna Washington

Nondiscrimination: Co-sponsored LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination bill Relation-ship recognition: Co-sponsored a marriage-equality bill Hate crimes: Co-sponsored LGBT-inclusive hate-crimes bill Youth: Co-sponsored anti-conversion-therapy bill; introduced an LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying bill Advocacy: Member of LGBT Equality Caucus

Brian Gralnick*

Nondiscrimination: Would cosponsor LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination bill; would work with public, lobbyists and lawmakers to raise awareness; “In my experience, many people are simply unaware that sexual orientation and gender identity are not already protected classes.

Pols file amicus brief

Eight current and former state lawmakers who oppose same-sex marriage have filed an amicus brief in a lawsuit that seeks to establish marriage equality in Pennsylvania.

An appellate brief was filed this month in support of PGN’s request for an unredacted dispatch record relating to the Nizah Morris case.

Litigant continues marriage-equality challenge

Antigay activist James D.

Dining Out for Life will return for its 24th year next week — with a host of new participants eager to open their doors to diners.

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