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Leanna Washington

Nondiscrimination: Co-sponsored LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination bill Relation-ship recognition: Co-sponsored a marriage-equality bill Hate crimes: Co-sponsored LGBT-inclusive hate-crimes bill Youth: Co-sponsored anti-conversion-therapy bill; introduced an LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying bill Advocacy: Member of LGBT Equality Caucus

Brian Gralnick*

Nondiscrimination: Would cosponsor LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination bill; would work with public, lobbyists and lawmakers to raise awareness; “In my experience, many people are simply unaware that sexual orientation and gender identity are not already protected classes.

Pols file amicus brief

Eight current and former state lawmakers who oppose same-sex marriage have filed an amicus brief in a lawsuit that seeks to establish marriage equality in Pennsylvania.

Litigant continues marriage-equality challenge

Antigay activist James D.

Dining Out for Life will return for its 24th year next week — with a host of new participants eager to open their doors to diners.

A federal judge presiding over a challenge to the state’s ban on same-sex marriage this week agreed to accept the Pennsylvania treasurer’s friend-of-the-court brief filed in support of the plaintiffs.

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