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 Wherever you are in parenthood — trying, expecting, raising, chasing — you’re busy. So, if you’re looking for advice, say, navigating IVF or your toddler’s terrible twos, it’s got to fit your schedule.

You should try a podcast. Over a quarter of Americans are listening to one monthly, and most of them are tuning in while they’re doing something else, like commuting, working, exercising,and parenting!

Ray Rachlin, certified professional midwife and owner of Refuge Midwifery, is celebrating the one year anniversary of her home-birth practice and its expansion. Refuge’s new office space open its doors in West Philly just this month.

Refuge Midwifery is one of four CPMs in city limits, and one of the only home-birth practices catering to LGBTQ patients.

If there’s a road less traveled, Jeff Guaracino probably traversed it more than once.

The seasoned tourism expert — who also wrote a travel column for this newspaper — is setting out to conquer new vistas in a place he knows well: Philly.

The Hunting Park and Germantown communities planned to memorialize one of their own this week, while a national LGBT-rights organization and a statewide anti-violence group called out yet another murder of a trans woman of color in a growing epidemic.

Shantee Tucker was shot to death early Sept. 5 on the 4300 block of Old York Road. Witnesses said the victim had been involved in a brief argument around 1 a.m. with the driver of a black pickup truck, who then fired eight shots. One hit Tucker in the back.

More than 1,000 political advocates, educators and civic leaders from around the country convened at The Arena’s Philadelphia summit to discuss concerns stemming from the Trump presidency — and, more pointedly, how they could mobilize to ensure their voices and constituents are heard and heeded. 

A dramatic week of often-contentious hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee saw several-hundred protesters arrested and dozens disrupting the proceedings as senators grilled Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Code-switching is a behavior people of color in the United States are all too familiar with doing. Code-switching for black LGBTQ people tends to have a much higher stake. I understand why a lot of Black LGBTQ people feel a need to code-switch: because it could be critical to our success and survival.

With so many types of family formations and parenting situations, child custody can be a challenging topic.

I should preface this piece with the very-real fact that, by nature, I’m considered to be a masculine guy. While this fluctuates with alcohol and how comfortable I feel, usually I sound like the Marine I was trained to be. But don’t you dare tell me or any one of my queer friends to tone it down, and that includes you masc-for-masc dudes!

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