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When I came out in 1994, there was no how-to guide for anal sex, and if there were, I would have read it from top to bottom, literally. I am an advocate for black LGBTQ folks getting to know their own bodies before “getting it on” with another person, especially when it comes to anal sex. I believe it can be empowering to know what your anus is capable of and to explore the greater pleasures with sex.

Ever since the mid-1980s, when record execs and producers realized you can copy the Jackson 5 and New Edition blueprint and sell a lot of music-related products to teens, the boy band has become a recurring trend every decade. And every boy band since Menudo and New Kids on the Block has had pretty much the same story: There’s always a bad boy in the group. There’s always the guy who eventually is going to go solo. There’s the goofy, fun guy. And there’s always the one guy who is secretly gay until the group’s popularity fades.

A Northeast Philadelphia teenager has been named a winner of the National Liberty Museum’s TD Bank Young Heroes Award, which this year is recognizing 14 young citizens for championing liberty and making positive changes in their schools and communities.

Elizabeth Coffey is one of John Waters’ original “Dreamlanders”— the cast and crew who regularly worked with the director.

Coffey, who lives in Philadelphia, will take part in a Q&A following the 30th-anniversary screening of Waters’ “Hairspray” at the Proscenium Theater Sept. 5.

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