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Iveliz R. Crespo, the city Law Department’s diversity officer, says she’s committed to recruiting a diverse workforce at the agency, including adding more LGBT staffers. “One of my goals is to increase the amount of diverse attorneys including LGBT attorneys,” Crespo told PGN.


Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon founded the first lesbian civil rights organization in the U.S., the San Francisco-based Daughters of Bilitis. DOB was named for a book of lesbian poetry written by a lover of Sappho, “Songs of Bilitis.” Martin and Lyon justified the name, writing later, “If anyone asked us, we could always say we belong to a poetry club.”

Gay Liberation Front 1969-71

That night, standing in Stonewall, I could not have imagined what the next few hours would do to change the gay and lesbian community around the world. I doubt anyone else could have known. How could we have known, on June 28th, 1969, that we’d be participating in history?

Thousands march for LGBT rights in Ukraine’s capital

Thousands of supporters of LGBTQ rights marched through the center of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, despite a heavy police presence trying to separate them from opponents.

Civil rights lawsuit alleges anti-gay harassment of student

The Chicago Tribune reports a federal civil rights complaint alleging an Ohio high school student faced harassment from school officials and his basketball coach after they learned he was gay.

The lawsuit filed in federal court in Akron, Ohio says the student at Fairless Local Schools in northeastern Ohio lost virtually all basketball playing time and was punished with workouts not ordered for other players.

A tennis club where several LGBTQ players competed in the U.S. Open prior to its 1978 relocation. The family home of Bronx native and transwoman Christine Jorgensen. Crazy Nanny’s, the lesbian bar that operated from 1991-2004 and attracted a racially-diverse crowd to its fundraisers fighting HIV and AIDS.

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