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Historically, houses of worship in black communities allowed us to keep our sanity as a people. Christianity has been the bedrock of black American liberation for more than 400 years. Black slaves adopted Christianity for survival and mobilization. So why was there no crusade in the ’80s or ’90s for black gay men and trans women when it came to the HIV epidemic?

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Jim Carr, Canada’s Minister of International Trade Diversification, led the “LGBTQ2 business mission” to Philadelphia in partnership with the Canadian Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. The mission connected 15 Canadian LGBTQ2 (the “2” represents Two-Spirit indigenous people) entrepreneurs with U.S. Fortune-500 companies and other NGLCC-certified business owners.

Karin Olofsdotter, the Swedish Ambassador to the United States, was part of the NGLCC conference’s “Beyond Borders: Succeeding in the Global Landscape” panel and discussed the Swedish government’s LGBTQ-equality efforts domestically and internationally.

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