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The official Internal Affairs Division investigative file for the Nizah Morris incident was released last week but doesn’t contain key evidence about the 2002 murder, including a police report written by an officer who responded to Morris and part of a patrol log filled out by another responding officer.

Fame Neal’s favorite shirt says “COOCH.”

The Cs and H are scrawled in curvy, marker-thick font and the Os have been replaced by pink-frosted doughnuts that’d make Homer Simpson say “mmm.”  Underneath the letters are the words they stand for: “Courageously Overcoming Obstacles + Challenges Homosexually.”

Lansdale, a borough in Montgomery with 16,000 residents, is poised to become the next municipality in Pennsylvania to enact an LGBT civil-rights ordinance.

So far, 49 municipalities in the state have enacted such ordinances, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Allentown.

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