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After hearing 20 minutes of oral arguments last week, a Philadelphia judge denied trans attorney Julie Chovanes' request for records at the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office relating to the Nizah Morris incident.

Klayton Fennell, a Comcast Corp. executive, recently filed suit against the media giant, claiming a hostile work environment caused him to be passed over for promotions, subjected to antigay slurs, denied equal pay and pressured to leave the Philadelphia headquarters.

Inspired by a lack of LGBTQ representation among members of Philadelphia City Council, Daniel “Duke” Orsino wants to shake up the legislative body — and his political party. 

Sherrie Cohen describes herself as a life-long fighter for the LGBTQ community. 

In 1975, she joined radical lesbian group DYKETACTICS! in filling Philadelphia’s City Council Chambers to protest the impending denial of Bill 1275, which would have outlawed anti-gay discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations. Cohen, along with other organizers, was dragged from the room by police and kicked down four flights of stairs. The activists became one of the first LGBTQ groups in the nation to sue law enforcement officials for excessive use of force.

Of the seven at-large seats available on Philadelphia City Council, two are reserved for minority party or Independent candidates. A voter who steps into the booth on election day can pick five candidates, the same number each party is allowed to nominate under the Home Rule Charter, thus clearing the way for members of a rival political party to step up to the legislative plate. 

Pete Buttigieg has high hopes for 2020. 

Along with taking control of the Oval Office, the Democratic presidential candidate wants to make it the year the United States addresses climate change, squashes systemic racism and ends gun violence, Buttigieg told about 1,000 people gathered in the rain at Reading Terminal Market on Sunday evening for a rally that kicked off in true Philly fashion with an Eagles chant. 

Transgender man shunned by Baptist college to get new name

The Tennessean reported a transgender man who was shunned by his private Tennessee college after getting breast reduction surgery has now returned to the state and plans to legally change his name.

Polish election: Leader says gay rights are a threat to society

LGBT+ rights have become the single most significant cultural issue in Poland’s election campaign ahead of the vote Oct. 6.

On Oct. 15, a federal judge overturned an anti-discrimination provision of the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, that protects transgender patients. The ruling stipulates that a 2016 policy instituted by then-President Barack Obama, known as Section 1557, violates the religious freedom of Christian and other faith-based providers.

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