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Judge grants transgender teen’s name change

An Ohio judge has reversed his earlier denial of a transgender 15-year-old’s legal name change and is allowing that change, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Warren County Probate Judge Joseph Kirby ruled March 12 that the name change “is in the best interest of the child.”

President Donald Trump will soon be getting most, but not all, of what he wanted in the fight against transgender members serving in the United States Armed Forces.

After April 12, no one being treated for gender dysphoria will be able to enlist, and those serving can only continue if they don’t get trans-affirming medical care and serve in the gender they were assigned at birth.

A new study shows proposed changes by the Trump administration to Medicare Part D would have a significantly negative impact on people living with HIV and on the healthcare system, including 7,200 additional deaths, 6,750 new HIV infections and $1.08 billion more than is currently allocated.

ACT UP to co-host City Council forum

ACT UP is joining the MLK Dare Coalition and United with the Alliance for a Just Philadelphia a to host an all-inclusive City Council forum. More than 70 candidates are seeking council seats in each of the 10 districts and the seven at-Large seats. ACT UP is a member of The Alliance also.

 Emma Rittman pauses and takes a breath as she enters her new home March 20 at the Gloria Casarez Residences. Rittman was one of seven young people to move in that day, bringing the total number of residents to 21. Youth moving in are greeted with “Welcome home” from staff members and Project HOME representatives. An official grand-opening housewarming party is being planned for some time in mid-May.  Photo: Scott A. Drake


Emma Rittman (left), and program manager Kate Gormley inspect the nooks and cranies of Rittman’s new home. Part of the entry process included the inspecion, safety protocols, house rules and responsIbilities. Each tenant received housewarming gifts of linens, hangers, ice cube trays, cookware and other everyday items courtesy of Project HOME. Flatscreen televisions for each of the 30 rooms were donated by Mel Heifitz, a long-time supporter of the project. The final nine residents are expected to move in by the end of the month as final touches are applied to the building. The grand-opening celebration will be held in mid-May. Photos: Scott A. Drake










Benny C. Chan is no stranger to pushing the envelope. The College of New Jersey chemistry professor said he will sometimes play with gender stereotypes to get his students to think.

“Sometimes, I’ll just put nail polish on and just wear it to class and the students will ask me, ‘Why do you have nail polish on?’ [I’ll respond], ‘Since when is nail polish gendered? Why are you asking this question, first of all? Where did this concept come that nail polish or makeup in general is just feminine?’ It’s a construct and we can deconstruct that if we want. So I do those things particularly to spark some conversations. I kind of like the controversy,” the professor laughed.


The way bail is set, cash bail and exorbitant bail have become part of the presidential primary conversation, thanks largely to Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA).

Harris’ highlighting of the issue as she campaigns holds particular resonance right now in Philadelphia, as the ACLU has filed a class-action complaint over bail.

Equality Forum has decided to give up its office space in Philadelphia.

The LGBTQ civil-rights organization, which was founded in Philadelphia in 1993, is selling the condo on the third floor of the Academy House that has served as its homebase since 2004.

Some people are so huge in life they deserve all the adjectives in death. Legendary lesbian filmmaker Barbara Hammer was one of those people.

Hammer died on March 16 in New York City after a long battle with ovarian cancer. She had been in hospice care. 

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