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"You can go to museums, the theater, eat out — all for just a few dollars. And you can ride free, too." 

One is a renowned gay male activist who protested in front of Independence Hall in 1965, another is a trans woman actress who starred as part of filmmaker John Waters' ensemble cast, there's a writer with a grant from the Smithsonian, and, fittingly, a former spy.

To chants of "President Pete," Mayor Pete Buttigieg gave a rousing speech at midnight after the Iowa caucus was long-finished. When he spoke, no results were in due to a complication with tabulations from the Iowa Democratic Party, but internal polling led Buttigieg to trust he had won. As of Wednesday, with 85 percent of the votes counted, Buttigieg remained in first place with 26.7 percent of the vote and 11 pledged delegates. Bernie Sanders is in second place with 24.4 percent, with Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden following.

The Pennsylvania Youth Congress hosted a press conference on Monday to launch Pennsylvania Values, a community-based initiative that calls for the Pennsylvania General Assembly to pass nondiscrimination legislation for LGBTQ+ people. Currently, no laws exist in Pennsylvania protecting people in the LGBTQ community from facing discrimination in employment, housing and public services. 

West Philadelphians banded together on Wednesday to protest Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to the catholic school Saint Francis de Sales. Pence spoke to the school’s students in light of National School Choice Week. He was accompanied by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. 

Commonwealth Court will hear oral arguments Feb. 13 in the case of three transgender women who are challenging a provision in the state’s name-change law that prevents Pennsylvanians convicted of serious felonies from changing their names.

The John C. Anderson Apartments, an LGBT-friendly affordable housing complex for seniors, will hold its second Intergenerational Play Date event this month. Employees from Philadelphia Family Pride (PFP) the Office of LGBT Affairs and the William Way Community Center worked hand in hand to organize the event. 

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