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The Human Rights Campaign has created a series of indexes and reports on the status of LGBTQ equality in the U.S. The latest, the Municipal Equality Index (MEI), details the rankings of cities in all 50 states. Philadelphia landed a perfect score. Using metrics in five main areas with subsets within those five areas, HRC ranks how well a city is doing for its LGBTQ citizens, with the top score being 100.

Queer Philadelphia couple Kate Austin and Sarah Sulsenti appeared on "The Ellen Show” last week after asking the talk show host in a viral tweet to attend their upcoming wedding.

Pope denounces anti-gay ‘persecution’ as recalling Nazi era

Pope Francis has denounced anti-gay discrimination as reminiscent of Nazi-era persecutions and evidence of a “culture of hatred” that has re-emerged today.


The New Jersey Transgender Equality Task Force issued a report on the lived experiences of trans New Jerseyans on Wednesday. From a six-month mission of research and community conversations centered on assessing legal and societal barriers to transgender equality, the report provides recommendations to the governor and legislature on ways to improve the lives of transgender people and ensure equity.


The FBI has released its annual Hate Crime Statistics report, which concluded that LGBTQ people are targeted in nearly one in five hate crimes. In Philadelphia alone, the number of such reported crimes has doubled in just two years.


Trans attorney Julie Chovanes filed a notice of appeal this week in Commonwealth Court, challenging a lower court’s ruling denying her access to records at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office relating to the Nizah Morris incident.

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