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A defendant in the February 2016 murder of a transgender woman pleaded guilty to three charges Thursday in a deferred-sentence agreement. Tiffany Floyd pleaded guilty to third degree murder, conspiracy to commit third degree murder and the possession of a weapon with criminal intent in regard to the murder of Maya Young. 

The city announced a new director of LGBT Affairs this week. Amber Hikes will take over the post beginning March 6. Outgoing director Nellie Fitzpatrick, who has been in the position since 2014, will start a law practice expected to open in April.

“There was a very vocal need that was expressed for someone to be more outward-facing and more community-engagement-based,” said Ajeenah Amir, a spokesperson for the mayor’s office about the transition. “That’s the new direction that the office is moving to and we think that Amber is a pretty good fit for that new direction.”

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