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Donor challenge for kids’ group

A reproduction-assistance agency recently made a donation that would allow a child of same-sex parents to attend a local summer camp, and another contributor has since stepped forward with a donor challenge.

Blaze Waters and about 70 other protesters gathered outside Albert's Cafe and Sports Bar in Northeast Philadelphia July 24 to protest the shuttering of House of Blaze, an LGBT club above Albert's.

ACLU sues Montana over same-sex rights

The Missoulian reports the ACLU filed a lawsuit July 22 on behalf of seven gay couples, who are demanding the state of Montana provide them the same rights married couples have in making decisions affecting their family’s health care, finances, inheritance and other matters.

The following incidents in the Midtown Village and Washington Square West areas were reported to the Sixth Police District between July 11-17.

An HIV/AIDS fundraiser that has been organized in cities throughout the country is making its way to the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection this summer.

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