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Walt Whitman, best known as the father of modern poetry and American poetry, was also the longtime lover of Peter Doyle, son of a blacksmith, a former Rebel soldier who worked as a streetcar conductor.

Guests at the opening reception for Ballroom History Weekend gathered Oct.

A group of researchers at Fox Chase Cancer Center is working on an academic paper that analyzes the exclusion of LGBT individuals and same-sex couples from clinical trials — more a trend than an occasional occurrence, they’re determining.

Film series by queer women’s group

A series of short films created by queer women of color will be featured in special screening at 7 p.

While finding a concert, play or other cultural event that fits into price and time constraints may be a tedious task for most, those with disabilities must also grapple with finding events that meet unique needs — a daunting process that was just made a bit easier through the collaboration of several local arts agencies.

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