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President Barack Obama’s budget proposal released last week amassed a vast pool of criticism from the HIV/AIDS community, which is largely accusing the president not only of underfunding HIV/AIDS programs but also of going back on several campaign pledges.

Porn actor transfers after college suspension

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports a student suspended from a Western Pennsylvania Christian college for appearing in gay porn videos plans to finish his degree at another school.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission announced late last month that it amended its policy toward gender changes on licenses to facilitate the process for transgender individuals, allowing them to change their gender markers before their sexual-reassignment surgery is complete.

Moscow threatens Pride crackdown

Great Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office recently released new guidelines for gay travelers in Russia, advising that visitors to Moscow should be aware of possible violence at a planned gay-pride march.

District Attorney:

Seth Williams (#55) Controller:

Alan Butkovitz (#58) Supreme Court:

Jack Panella (#1) Superior Court:

Anne Lazarus (#4)

John Younge (#5)

Robert Colville (#7) Commonwealth Court:

Jimmy Lynn (#10)

Stephen Pollack (#11) Court of Common Pleas:

Robert Coleman (#20)

Angeles Roca (#21)

Donna Woelpper (#26)

Sharon Williams-Losier (#27) Roxanne Covington (#30)

Dan Anders (#34)

Joyce Eubanks (#38) Municipal Court:

Dawn Segal (#40)

Charles Hayden (#42)

Joseph Waters (#45)

Pat Dugan (#51)


Love-letter writing may be secondary to e-mailing, text messaging, Facebook and other instant methods of expressing one’s abounding affection for his or her sweetheart, but the City of Philadelphia is going old school and putting pen to paper in a new effort to court residents and visitors.

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