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The Leeway Foundation, a local grantmaking institution that funds the work of female and transgender artists, recently announced the winners of its annual award, which seeks to recognize artists who have a long commitment to using their talents to bring about social change.

The LGBT and ally communities, who were some of President-elect Barack Obama’s most outspoken advocates over the past few months, were just as loud in the past week in their criticism of Obama.

Although college is generally a time when young people fortify their own identities and ideologies, transgender college students often face more challenges than their classmates on the path to self-acceptance.

A top government official in California filed a court brief last week in which he expressed his opposition to Proposition 8 and urged the California court to overturn it, reversing his previous position on the issue.

AG: Gays to keep licenses

Pennsylvania Attorney General Gerald Gornish issued a letter to commonwealth secretary Barton Fields Dec.

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