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Barbra “Babs” Siperstein, a longtime trans advocate who recently had a New Jersey law named after her, said the gesture makes her feel like a “first-class citizen.”

“I truly feel like a first-class citizen with the enactment of this law,” Siperstein told PGN. “And the icing on the cake is having it named after me.”

Philadelphia officials last week released a new antibias policy enacted by a Christian agency that receives city funds to provide foster-care services for children in the city’s custody.

Officials say the new policy provides adequate antibias protections for the LGBT community, but some advocates disagree.

The official Internal Affairs Division investigative file for the Nizah Morris incident was released last week but doesn’t contain key evidence about the 2002 murder, including a police report written by an officer who responded to Morris and part of a patrol log filled out by another responding officer.

Fame Neal’s favorite shirt says “COOCH.”

The Cs and H are scrawled in curvy, marker-thick font and the Os have been replaced by pink-frosted doughnuts that’d make Homer Simpson say “mmm.”  Underneath the letters are the words they stand for: “Courageously Overcoming Obstacles + Challenges Homosexually.”

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