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There’s a critical emergency facing Pennsylvania’s LGBTQ community, yet it is barely discussed and remains mostly hidden.

It is the crisis of how to care for the state’s aging LGBTQ population and the myriad problems those Pennsylvanians are facing every day in the Commonwealth.

We live in a world that tells so many people they are not enough. I am here to tell everyone reading this article: You are. Especially our trans women in the United States, who fight to be seen without compromise. Like every other marginalized group in the country, they do not need your acceptance, just our respect. Violence against trans women of color happens in a context of daily gender discrimination and racism, according to a 2017 report from The Transgender Institute.

When it comes to HIV disclosure, it’s time to stop involving the police

When I see films or documentaries about the early days of the AIDS epidemic that focus on the lives and relationships of gay men, I see a lot of people taking care of one another. In many cases, one partner might find out he’s HIV positive, the other partner finds out his status, and the two stay together, with one taking care of the other until one or both is met with the unfortunate fate of certain death. I’m sure it also happened that many men, who were brave enough to finally disclose their status in a time where there were no available treatments to keep them alive, were in fact deserted by their lovers and left to other family and friends to care for them until they died.

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