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— At 11 p.m. Jan. 21, a woman reported being attacked, kicked and punched by an unknown group of black women inside Woody’s Bar, 202 S. 13th St. The victim sustained a laceration above her right eye that required stitches.

Security footage requested in Woody’s case

A discovery hearing is scheduled for this week in the case of James Stefanide 2d, who claims he sustained serious injuries while falling on interior stairs at Woody’s Bar in June 2015. 


A federal jury this week acquitted State Sen. Lawrence M. Farnese Jr. of all charges related to his alleged bribe of Ellen Chapman five years ago to help advance his political career.

This story has been updated to include comments from GALAEI Executive Director Nikki Lopez and OUTMuslim Founder/Director Sahar AliDeen.

Chants of “we are the people,” “black lives matter” and “queer lives matter” could be heard from Thomas Paine Plaza Thursday afternoon, as President Donald Trump visited the Republican Congressional Retreat blocks away to deliver a speech to the GOP about his political agenda.

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