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The history of lesbian literature is, for many of us, a critical piece of our own personal lesbian history as well as our larger LGBT history. Novels, poems and essays have so often opened up the queer world for us –– we’ve seen the words of other lesbians and recognized ourselves in those words. Sappho may have been the first lesbian poet, but there have been many others whose words and work have helped us understand our own hearts and experiences.

Jonathan Lax Scholarship for Gay Men accepting applications

The Bread and Roses Community fund is accepting applications for the Jonathan Lax Scholarship for Gay Men until Nov. 1. The scholarship was founded in 1994 by AIDS activist Jonathan Lax, who passed away the following year, leaving the scholarship behind to benefit gay men seeking to help their communities. Applicants must be living or studying in the Philadelphia region or Camden County. Scholarships range from $5,000-10,000. Previous winners include OUTPour executive producer Antar Bush and local medical and legal professionals.

Each of us who was at Stonewall has a different view of the event. They run the gamut from it being a rebellion, a riot, a revolution or simply a night of the queens having fun and taking over their home, Christopher Street. There are many other versions espoused by people who were there — historical scholars, journalists and people who like to make things up. Let’s parse the facts and inconsistences of all of these views.

Daniel Smith Jr. is looking to unseat incumbent Daryl Metcalfe in the 12th Legislative District in the general election Nov. 6. Metcalfe has held the seat since 1999. Smith hopes to bring his socially conscious and progressive agenda to Harrisburg. He is running for his first elected position after feeling the need to “do something” in response to feeling unrepresented by the incumbent.

The Delaware Valley Legacy Fund is a vital Philadelphia LGBTQ philanthropic organization to which members of the community could contribute, add to their wills and spread the word to enhance fundraising.

To accomplish these goals, the organization added eight new board members this week.

The call was thundering: “If you don’t vote, you don’t count. If you’re not trying to solve the problem, you are a part of the problem.”

So opened the Oct. 19 “Get Out and Vote” rally, where more than 200 union workers, Democratic candidates and community members filled the parking lot of Local Union 332 to encourage North Philadelphians to vote Nov. 6.

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